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Via Afrika has developed a bouquet of Android based training courses for teachers to grow their knowledge,skills and confidence in digital technologies and digital education practices at the Via Afrika Digital Training Academy. These courses have been endorsed by the South African Council for Educators for Professional Development (PD) points. Each 2-hour session has been allocated 5 PD points.

Course 1
Getting to know and use your tablet device

Session 1: All about tablet devices
Session 2: Making contact with the world
Session 3: My tablet device is mine!

Session 1: There's an App for that
Session 2: Finding it on the internet
Session 3: Making the tablet device work for you - documents

Session 1: Making the tablet device work for you - calendars and data management
Session 2: Making the tablet device work for you - eBooks and eReaders
Session 3: Taking the tablet to school

Course 2
Social Media

Session 1: Introducing social media
Session 2: Creating your social media accounts
Session 3: A look at YouTube

Session 1: Social Media in the classroom: Useful or just fun?
Session 2: Facebook in the classroom
Session 3: Twitter in the classroom

Session 1: YouTube in the classroom
Session 2: Blogging in the classroom
Session 3: Don't forget the other social media"

Course 3
Google and Google Apps

Session 1: The Google Apps package and Google drive
Session 2: Google docs and Google sheets
Session 3: Google calendar and Google slides

Session 1: Google+
Session 2: Google hangouts
Session 3: Creating my own teaching and learning content

Session 1: Google Apps that will open a new world to your students
Session 2: Streamline your class with Google forms
Session 3: Bring your class online with Google sites"

Course 4
Digital learning in Schools

Session 1: Why eLearning?
Session 2: Getting technical
Session 3: Content for the tablet devices

Session 1: Apps for teachers for demonstrations and content creation
Session 2: Games teach too
Session 3: Learner Management Systems

Session 1: Online assessment tools
Session 2: The gamification of Education
Session 3: Management and usage of ICTs in public schools

Each 2-hour training session is offered either as a face-to-face interaction or via webinar.
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Face to Face Training

In this training, you will meet in a group of a minimum of 20 teachers and the expert facilitator to complete the course. You will receive a set of course notes. You will be able to do the assessment after the course in your own time, and submit it within the prescribed time. These training sessions are held across the country when numbers allow.

Webinar training

You will log in online and participate with a minimum of 10 other registered educators in the live webinar with a facilitator. You will be able to download a set of course notes. You will be able to do the assessment after the course in your own time, and submit it within the prescribed time.

Online Recorded Webinar Training

You will log in online and do the course at your own pace. The course is made up of recorded elements of the webinars, and you will be able to download a set of course notes to guide you. You will be able to do the assessment after the course in your own time, and submit it within the prescribed time.


During the VADTA courses you will complete a number of activities or assessments to ensure mastery in each of the subsections of the course. At the end of a training courses session, you will complete a session assessment or extended activity. You will qualify for a virtual badge and will be issued with a certificate for that session once you have completed a final Badge Assessment Task, which is done when you are back home or at school. This is to ensure that you are able to apply what you learned during the course in a real-world scenario.


Beginner - R500 per 2-hour session
Intermediate - R500 per 2-hour session
Advanced - R500 per 2-hour session

Afrikaans, English
Curriculum Alignment:
CAPS aligned
Publication Date:
School Managers
Software Requirements:
Android based training course.
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