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We have designed two different versions of the Learning Management System, one for schools and training institutions and the other for corporate. The demo video on our site is for the school version but the infrastructure and capabilities are the same. A predecessor to our system is being used in universities in South Africa and with our 16 year experience with online training content we developed the EduSlide LMS (Learning management system).

With feedback from the trainers and students that have been using the predecessor we focused our system capabilities around the effective management of content. This content can be custom created by you or you could plug in existing libraries of content. We would like to offer the VTC training content through the LMS in the corporate environment as a start. We have a partnership with a company called Brain Works (http://www.brainworks.co.za/) who do mentor-ship and leadership development. I would like to give a demo of the product and its capabilities and useful features and then discuss how your company could benefit from an always on, always accessible and always improving delivery system.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

You can also get more information on our company and what we offer here.

Eduforce, using the eduSLIDE system, is the solution to providing you with best management oversight for your training needs. The eduSLIDE system is the pinnacle of blended learning, supporting the placement of course materials online, associating students with courses, tracking student performance, storing student submissions, and mediating communication between the students as well as their instructor. Its seamless and instant integration with the mobile versions is achieved by having all accounts and activity, courses, assessments and assignments managed through one location. eduSLIDE can be installed on all mobile devices across all platforms and operating systems. It is our policy to provide the most seamless and fully integrated LMS (Learning Management System) in the market and with eduSLIDE we have achieved just that.

Completely integrated with your training environment EduSLIDE combines education, collaboration and administration to give you a complete web based solution, resulting in effective education as well as a decreased workload. Not only are you able to manage every aspect of the courses you choose to offer, and who you choose to have access to those courses, but you are able to create, upload and manage your own custom created training content.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best solution to their training needs. eduSLIDE provides the best diversity for the management of training in the work place or in educational institutions. With customized user roles and user access it is easy to assign course in a multi-tiered approach and then to have assessments manage the user involvement and learning.

Features include:
• Custom content
o Create and maintain your own customised course content
o Create and customise your own objectives for a structured learning experience
o Create and control your own customised assessments for a full understanding of your training effectiveness
• Create your own libraries of education
o Upload and create your own library of content
o Segment your training categories and use libraries of content from any training content vendor
• User management
o Import current user database with customisable fields of information
o Control user access with user Role
o Create and maintain groups for easy communication and course/assignments/assessment issuing
• Mobile platform integration
o Install mobile app version of LMS onto tablets for access from anywhere in the world
o Install mobile app version for mobile phone for up to date notifications of any activities or the issuing of any content
o Notifications of all bulletins and social interactions
• Social media
o Social media interaction for ease of access to all students and teachers
o Bulletin feature to control announcements to selected users, groups or everyone
o Create discussion groups for social study environment
• Administration
o Control users, groups, libraries, advertising across mobile platforms, customized logos, additional fields and more
• Reports
o Get reporting on student activity
o Get reporting on courses, assignments, assessments, grades and active users

What are the benefits to a corporate environment?
• Decentralised training
o No longer spend money on providing training in a single location
o Provide training solutions to all branches, staff and facilitators from anywhere in the world
o Have control over your entire staff training from one location
• Lower training costs
o Less expenses on repeating any courses. Create a course once and use it indefinitely
o Less time lost to training leave and study leave with access from anywhere at anytime
o Focus training needs for individuals through reporting on grades so as not to waste the time of students that achieve
• Create once use many models
o Create all content and assessments once to be used over and over again
o Customise any content to adapt to the changing training environment
• Instant feedback
o Instant feedback to students on assessment scores
o Instant feedback to management on effectiveness of training
• Blended learning models
o Incorporate your current training models into our system for management oversight
o Use conventional training methods integrated with LMS for greater training affect
o Give students access to trainers through social media for easier information access

We include a library of over 1000 titles of learning. Ranging from computer basics and office skills to advanced 3D animation and CAD. These titles are offered on a per case basis and is not a requirement for using the system.

EduSlide is a single solution to all the training needs of any school or corporate. Education is no longer a function of ability but a function of willingness to learn. Access to education is no longer an excuse to fail because with EduSlide you can access your learning from anywhere.

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