General Education Certificate (GEC)
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This page is the go-to resource for all things GEC. Here, one will find valuable information about the GEC and how it improves learning outcomes. We’ll provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to guide Learners towards success, including the 360° assessment model to integrating 21st-century skills, exploring learners’ natural inclinations and promoting collaborative projects – we’ve got you covered.


Integrated Project

The Integrated Project is an immersive learning experience that takes place during class time in Term 3. It involves two projects across nine subjects, providing depth and real-life relevance to your educational journey. By actively participating in project-based learning group work, they can demonstrate their skills and engage in Assessment for Learning (AfL) strategies.

The Integrated Project allows teachers to see Learners’ skills in action and truly understand their abilities. Through this assessment, Learners will develop important 21st-century skills and better understand how different subjects can connect and work together. It prepares Learners for real-world challenges and equips them with the tools to succeed.

This is to be done in Term 3. Carefully plan and schedule the Integrated Project during this time to create an organised and exciting experience for learners. Make sure you give them enough time to research, create, and present their projects.

Supporting materials for the Grade 9 Integrated Projects