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Die les fokus op die voedselkommoditeitspasta.
The lesson focuses on the food commodity pasta.
Mise en placein die kombuis.
The lesson is about mise en place in the kitchen.
Kombuis- en restaurantbedrywighede: formering en tolking resepte.
Kitchen and Restaurant Operations: Formating and intepreting  recipes.
Die les handel oor higiëne wat konsentreer op: - persoonlike higiëne en higiëne op die werkperseel.
The lesson is about Hygiene concentrating on: - personal hygiene - hygiene on the work premises.
This lesson focuses on the different equipment used in the hospitality industry and how to use and...
Hierdie les fokus op die verskillende toerusting wat in die gasvryheidsbedryf gebruik word, en hoe...
Hierdie les fokus op die sektore en loopbane binne die gasvryheidstudiesektor.
This lesson focuses on the sectors and careers within the hospitality industry.