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Top 10 Study Tips

Try these study tips to make learning easier.

Have all your materials ready before you begin studying – pencils, pens, highlighters, paper, etc.

Be positive. Make sure your brain holds onto the information you are learning by reminding yourself how important it is to remember the work and get the marks.

Take a walk outside. A change of scenery will stimulate your learning. You’ll be surprised at how much more you take in after being outside in the fresh air.

Break up your learning sections into manageable parts. Trying to learn too much at one time will only result in a tired, unfocused and anxious brain.

Keep your study sessions short but effective and reward yourself with short, constructive breaks.

Teach your concepts to anyone who will listen. It might feel strange at first, but it is definitely worth reading your revision notes aloud.

Your brain learns well with colours and pictures. Try to use them whenever you can.

Be confident with the learning areas you know well and focus your brain energy on the sections that you find more difficult to take in.

Repetition is the key to retaining information you have to learn. Keep going – don’t give up!

Sleeping at least 8 hours every night, eating properly and drinking plenty of water are all important things you need to do for your brain. Studying for exams is like strenuous exercise, so you must be physically prepared.

Source: Department of Basic Education