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EdBuddies for the Senior Phase

EdBuddies for the Senior Phase
“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” ~ Zig Ziglar
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EdBuddies are collections of resources, supporting learning and teaching, anywhere, anytime, at no cost to the user. The resources are made available by service providers, teachers and organisations understanding the challenges of education within the South African context. These collaborators serve the industry wholeheartedly with generosity and expertise. In thought and action. ǃKE E꞉ ǀXARRA ǁKE
Digibook: Free Resources
Reinforce with these free resources from Digibook.
Elmien Saayman
Elmien vervaardig en deel lesmateriaal en videos oor Wiskunde vir graad 7 in Afrikaans.
History Classroom
Resources for teachers, parents and students including education guides, learning tools, and links t...
History Classroom
A CAPS study guide , to improve students historical knowlege and equipt them with example questions ...
Basic Math Videos and Worksheets
MathLinks is a suite of math programs for students in grades 6-9
Maths and Science Lessons
Online blended learning: Gr. 4 - 12 Maths & Gr. 8 - 12 Science solutions.
Maths at Sharp
Free South African Maths worksheets that are CAPS aligned
Maths Quest (MQ)
Gamified CAPS aligned Maths exercises with immediate feedback in English & Afrikaans.
MST Workbooks
CAPS Alligned resources and online textbooks for grade 7- 9 South African learners.
NASA @ Home
Let NASA bring the universe to you
OLICO WhatsApp Maths Hotline Gr. 8 & 9
WCED daily lessons, access to online maths and tutors for grades 8 and 9.
OLICO WhatsApp Maths/ Wiskunde Hotline Gr. 8 & 9
Free Maths Tutor/ Gratis Wiskunde Tutor!
OLICO WhatsApp Wiskunde Kitslyn Gr. 8 & 9
WKOD daaglikse lesse, toegang na aanlyn Wiskunde-tutors.
PHET Simulations
PhET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado Boulder creates free interactive ...
School Accounting made easy
Accounting videos available in Afirkaans and English.   
Shuter & Shooter
Free E-Books to all South Africans - simply sign up and download
Thuma Mina Teaching Youtube
Free CAPS aligned video-lessons for Grades 8 & 9 Social Science: History, available in English a...
Tswelopele - Support for Grade R - 9
Tswelopele is here to help learners catch up on the class that they lost in 2020! Tswelopele is ...
Tutonic - Online Tutoring
Tutonic was created to provide free, quality maths and physics support to high school students.