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Telematic Schools Project

The Telematic Schools Project is a joint initiative of the Western Cape Education Department and Stellenbosch University to implement education through technology. The project provides lessons, subject workbooks, and other material for eighteen subjects, in line with the CAPS curriculum, to learners in grades 10 to 12 and in both Afrikaans and English. Content is quality assured by WCED senior curriculum planners.

A comprehensive revision programme has been created to help learners understand the work they have done for the year. These are videos and material on eighteen subjects that summarise all the work for the year so that it can be more easily understood.

The project supports asynchronous learning from a zero-rated website ( Learners can watch the videos and download workbooks without using any data, in their own time. The Moodle-based website is amongst the most modern online real-time learner support and tuition programmes in the country.  The broadcasts do not replace teaching which happens daily in all classrooms; it supports everyday teaching by revising and consolidating what teachers have already taught.  A new feature in 2023 has been the introduction of the self-registration feature on the website. This has streamlined access to the website.

Facebook is used as a supplemental tool to the website and it can be used in free-mode, which addressed the data issue. Even though you cannot view the videos in free-mode, the text posts prompt users, to log into the zero-rated website and watch the video of the broadcast there and communicates the weekly broadcast schedule.

Telematics Infographics
Gr. 10 - 12 Content Designed to Help you Succeed

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Important Things to Know About the Telematics Website

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What you need to know about Telematics



CAPS aligned

WCED Senior Curriculum planners provide the content for 18 subjects in both Afrikaans and English. Experienced teachers, subject advisors and curriculum specialists present on key topics, to help you pass your exams.


Zero -rated website and free to sign up

The website is mobile friendly and you can watch videos and download content without using data (zero-rated). Access to all content is free of charge. All you have to do is register.


Live broadcasts and library of past lessons

Broadcast schedule available on website under "Resources". Schools can have installed satellite equipment and/or stream content via website or Facebook. All past lessons available on website. Learners can ask questions during live broadcasts.


Support desk

Find Telematic User Guide on website under "Resources".


More to know


1. Register For Access

Complete the online form, with link on the website or email If you don't have an email address, use a family member's one. You will need a valid email address for our support staff to reach you with your login details, once registered.

2. Watch the broadcasts

Watch at school or livestream from home via the website or via Facebook. If you don't have data to watch the livestream, wait until the end of the week and view the videos on the zero-rated site. The content is organised per grade, per curriculum topic. Just go to your Grade, Subject and click on the book-icon for the videos and learning materials. The virtual school makes lessons available on the website on a weekly basis, aligned with the curriculum lesson plans. View the notifications and watch the lesson. This guides you through what you need to know, when you need to know it.

3. Customise your learning

You can add your subjects to the "MY COURSES" tab, which will track your progress. The broadcast schedule is loaded on the calendar, which means you will always know when new content is available. All PowerPoint presentations used during the lessons are on the website. The subject workbooks are available to download under Broadcast Recordings

4. No data, no problem

The website is mobile friendly and zero-rated for all major networks, which means the site will not use any data.



Be part of the re-imagining of education in South Africa. Streaming CAPS curriculum content of 18 subjects (Afrikaans and English) via a zero-rated platform, to grade 10 to 12 learners at no cost to the learner or school.

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