Telematics Booklets
Consolidate your learning through live-streaming

Telematics is the blending of information and telecommunications technologies to convey information over large networks. Learners, irrespective of their locality, can interact with teachers in fully interactive virtual learning spaces.

The Telematic Schools Project is a joint initiative between the Western Cape Education Department and Stellenbosch University to implement education through technology. The project provides lessons via satellite and live-streaming to Grade 10 - 12 learners. The main idea behind the project is aimed at providing learners with the best quality teaching which speaks to the vision of the WCED: quality teaching to every learner in every classroom in every school. The broadcasts do not replace teaching which happens daily in all classrooms; it supports everyday teaching by revising and consolidating what teachers have already taught. It therefore by no means replaces teachers, but continues the presence of teachers beyond the classroom walls.

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