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Register for the ePortal

Why should I register?

Learners can access a personalised DASHBOARD which will display useful resources for their grade, school terms and subjects. All registered users can upload content to the ePortal.

What can I do when I don’t have an e-mail address?

Read this article how to create your own e-mail address.




Contributing eResources

How can I add an eResource to the ePortal?

You need to be a registered user. Go to ‘Add an eResoucrce’ and fill in the form to add your eResource.

What is a curriculum resource?

A curriculum resource is any resource that can be directly linked to the CAPS of a specific subject and grade that would assist with teaching and learning. All resources uploaded to the WCED ePortal are mapped according to the CAPS or provincial subject pace setters.

What is an assessment resource?

An assessment resource is any resource that can be linked to an assessment activity of a specific subject and grade that would assist with teaching and learning. This feature can also be used to contribute eResources that are applicable for a term, semester or year, e.g. a test, exam, text book, etc.

I have found a useful eResource on the web. May I upload it to the ePortal?

Contributors should preferably only upload content that was created by themselves.

Any content which infringes upon the Intellectual Property Rights of any other person or entity may not be contributed to the ePortal and will be removed from the ePortal by the WCED. Where due the contributor should ensure that they provide adequate recognition for the use of information and other inputs to the content from other sources.

Contributors should acquaint themselves with the Copyright and Plagiarism Policy of the WCED as displayed on the ePortal.

I cannot find my eResource after I have uploaded it?

Once an eResource has been uploaded to the ePortal it undergoes a two-step verification process:

After the eResource has been uploaded to the ePortal, an assessor checks the eResource for copyright infringements, verify links, etc. The assessor may return the eResource to the Contributor for minor changes. The assessor may decline the eResource in case of copyright or ownership challenges.

Once the senior curriculum planner approves the eResource, it will be published on the ePortal.

An email will be sent to the Contributor to indicate the process flow of the uploaded eResource.

Where do I see all the contributions I have made?

Once logged in to the WCED ePortal click on your name on the top right corner to access your profile page. All contributions will be listed with an indication whether the eResource find itself in the workflow.