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The purpose of the blog serves to educate, update our teachers on new advancements and projects within the eLearning sphere. We seek to build a trusting relationship with our teachers, learners, partners and other stakeholders by sharing expertise and discussing up-to-date, thought provoking, engaging, transformational and educational topics. The blog will also have YOUR voice. So, look out for opportunities to contribute to the BLOG.

Meet the Imagineers

The Imagineer blog project aims to empower influential eLearning champions who have had notable successes in the WCED eLearning sphere. These resident writers are crowned ‘Imagineers’.

Nikki Potgieter

Renate van der Westhuizen

Inspiration & Leadership

Written by Clinton Patrick Walker

The Tsunami of Change

It is often said that one of the things that hugely unavoidable is that the tsunami of change will sweep us in its wake. This could...

Written by Gafieza Ismail

Braving Leadership

The concept of leadership has often left me with an overwhelming sense of accountability. Perhaps...

Written by Nikki Potgieter

My teaching purpose

Teaching is what I am... in essence, I’m in love with learning. Five years ago...

Written by Renate Van der Westhuizen

Pursuing the Passion despite the Paper Jam

Teaching is gruelling and arduous. If you are not fighting with the learners, you are fighting...

Critical Reflections

Written by Nikki Potgieter

A Voyage of Discovery

Whenever we aim to embark on any new journey, we do not rush headlong into the unknown. Sure, the thrill seekers out there may enjoy...

Written by Haroon Mahomed

Digital education - the exciting possibilities and need for pacing

In education, there are already schools ( or should we call them learning systems), South Africa included, where learners atte...

Written by Samuel Bowers

21st Century Skills Classroom Transformation is Inevitable

Breaking out into the latest TikTok dance craze with your learners to summarize that poem, or belting out that science form...

Written by Nikki Potgieter

Learning to Fail: Part 1

The first prerequisite of being a good teacher is not that you should be good at teaching; the first prerequisite is you must be good at...

Written by Nikki Potgieter

Learning to Fail: Part 2

We need to learn to fail, in order to learn to succeed. As teachers, we are often under the impression that we need to know all, be all...

Written by Renate Van der Westhuizen

Finding the carrot in the rabbit Hole

I love teaching literature; focusing on the different figures of speech, the expressive ways in which a poet can describe something ordinary and the meaningful discussions I get to have...

The eLearning Chronicles

Written by Thaabit Ismail

My journey with eLearning

My eLearning journey has proven an insightful, interesting, and quite a learning venture despite how brief it may seem. As a teacher...

Written by Anita Van Vuuren

The unexpected journey of a National Award-winning teacher

Have you ever met a teacher and thought to yourself, ‘I wonder, what inspired their journey? What do they do differently, and wha...


Written by Jaco Van Niekerk

AI in Education: False dawn or new hope?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has firmly entrenched itself in the fabric of our daily lives, transforming industries and reshaping how we interact with technology. In the realm of education, AI's presence is...

Written by Anina Lundie

Igniting Creative Arts Education: Innovation and Creativity in the time of COVID

As the Creative Arts Subject Advisory team, we needed to find ways to dramatically change our approach to communicate with our teachers and to pro...

Written by Jaco Van Niekerk

When I hear autonomous learning, I think robots...

We look to technology as the key to transforming education, the potential to unlock independent learning is always...


Written by Jaco Van Niekerk

Education through a 5-inch Screen

Smartphones could (and frankly should) be the true game-changer for South Africa to enter the world of digital learning. But...

Written by Elzette Brown

The ePortal: A Catalyst for Change

Keeping in view the diverse needs of learners, the use of eContent has become an essential component of the teaching and learning processes. eContent...

Written by Nikki Potgieter

More than just a hammer

Everyone has seen the thunder god Thor wield his mighty hammer, Mjöllnir, as a symbol of his power, but there is a catch...

Written by Renate Van der Westhuizen

Data Driven Education

To improve learner results, we need to stop crossing our fingers and start doing this.

Written by Renate Van der Westhuizen

Taming the Lizard Brain: Part 1

What if doing well at school has little to do with your ability to learn quickly? That is the question Angela Duckworth asked when she started...

Written by Renate Van der Westhuizen

Taming the Lizard Brain: Part 2

For years, educators and parents believed that praising children for being smart would increase their self-confidence and help them enjoy learning. We know now this is...

Written by Renate Van der Westhuizen

Taming the Lizard Brain: Part 3

Alice Wellington Rollins said that the test of a good teacher is not how many questions he can ask his pupils that they will answer readily, but how...