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Welcome to the WCED ePortal's one stop shop for all your reading needs. Access reading resources available in all official languages at no cost. Read anywhere, anytime.

GET FP: Online Library

The Foundation Phase WCED team has collated a variaty of reading books for you and your child or learner to enjoy together. Select the language of your choice and view the bookshelf of books grouped accordingly. Some of the books might open on the AFRICAN STORYBOOK web site. Happy reading!

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All Ages

The WCED’s Reading Strategy was developed in collaboration with the Coalition for Quality Education in the Western Cape to improve reading with understanding amongst learners. The coalition (TEAM READ) is a collaborative association for all education stakeholders and focus on teachers and learners must do better to improve reading literacy.

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I am learning

“I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny, but we can have lots of good fun that is funny.” Young ones, we have the fool proof recipe to stay learning and curious indoors and outdoors, digital or paper based. Grab a book and learn to read today!

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I can do this

The WCED has pulled out all the stops to find ways to keep storybooks within easy reach of young readers and is grateful to service providers for making reading resources available in all official languages at no cost to the reader. Read anywhere, anytime.

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National Book Week

National Book Week is an important initiative in encouraging the nation to value reading as a fun and pleasurable activity and to showcase how reading can easily be incorporated into one’s daily lifestyle. Access a poster developed for the 2021 National Book Week with linked activities to advocate the love for reading.

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CWED Virtual Library

When the rhythm and melody of language become a part of a child's life, learning to read will be as natural as learning to walk and talk. Access reading books at foundation phase level for your child, directly from the Subject Advisers in the Cape Winelands Education District, supported by a few lead teachers.

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