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Resources to support Grade 7 Learning and Teaching

Here is a collection of resources to support learning and teaching in grade 7. The resources span a variety of topics to keep learning fresh and exciting. Some of these resources walk hand in hand with CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy) or the Revised Curriculum that had been implemented since Covid-19. The resources can be used in classroom teaching, or as part of an @home learning programme. The main objective is to entice learners to stay inquisitive. Let's keep learning FUN!

“They cannot stop me. I will get my education, if it is in the home, school, or anyplace.”

- Malala Yousafzai

My Learner Dashboard

Weekly lessons, eResources and assessments for your grade and in your language.

Coding and Robotics

The DBE has compiled a Digital Skills Curriculum for Grades R to 9. Enjoy resources that will guide you to find your inner coder.

E3 Resources

E3 is a programme of the DBE that uses student-centred learning, including project based learning and learning through play, in the existing CAPS curriculum to better prepare learners for the modern economy.


Collections of resources, supporting learning and teaching, anywhere, anytime, at no cost to the user.

History Classroom

A CAPS study guide, to improve students historical knowlege and equipt them with example questions and answers in exams.

Rainbow Workbooks

Discover and download workbooks to help improve the performance of learners in grades R - 9.


Discover and download textbooks aimed at grades 4 - 12.

Weekly Lessons

Weekly lessons with embedded activites and resources for remote, blended and self-directed learning.

Worksheet Clouds

Free Gr.1 to 9 video lessons with thousands of online and printable worksheets.