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The Smart Classroom

Western Cape Government (WCG) and the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has identified eLearning as one of the strategic levels designed to open the doors of opportunity for young people through revolutionising teaching and learning using the provision of technology to schools across the province to access the digital knowledge platform.

A smart classroom refers to a classroom with Wifi connectivity to broadband as well as a digital projector, whiteboard and teacher computing device as the minimum technological resources – all interlinked through Wifi. If learners have any form of electronic device, they will be able to access the learning resources in a smart classroom environment.

What are Smart classrooms?

Smart classrooms are classrooms that use digital equipment like laptops, teaching screens and projectors to help make learning and teaching better. These digital resources are connected through Wi-Fi and this improves the quality of education. This provides innovative ways in which teachers can engage and present lessons.

What are Smart classrooms?

The benefits of Smart classrooms

Smart classrooms enhance the teaching and learning experience of learners through the use of technology. Especially, in the areas of maths and languages.

The eLearning Initiative does this as a critical way to help teachers and to minimise the effects of the increasing learner-to-teacher ratios in the province. Smart classrooms improve the quality of education between better-resourced and poorer schools by supporting teacher development and allowing learners to access the best educational material and resources.

Empowering Teachers

The courses offered by the Cape Teaching and Leadership Academy (CTLI) cover a wide range of topics of interest for teachers, principals, deputy principals and department heads. Contact them for more information or register for an online course.

All courses can be completed online, a few may have a Face to Face (F2F) option. Please note that the F2F classes have limited space and are filled on a first come first serve basis.

Courses are divided into three skill levels. Teachers are encouraged to choose a level best suited to their skill level:

  • Beginner Level: I am new to using digital technologies; I have never done any eLearning courses; I need more support and guidance.
  • Intermediate Level: I have done ICT courses previously, either at the CTLI or Online. I am comfortable working online.
  • Advanced Level: I have done several online courses and I am very comfortable working online. I wish to take my content development skills to new heights.


Instructional videos have been created to guide teachers on the use of the various devices. Follow this link and take charge of your empowerent! 

More Information

Our eLearning Advisors and Project Managers are empowered to support the eLearning needs of schools. Make contact with the district team for professional guidance. Click here to see their contact detail.