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Strengthening methodology in the classroom

Welcome to the English Home Language Homepage! Unpack a treasure trove of teaching and learning tools, designed to support every teacher's needs. Whether you're in search of innovative lesson ideas and classroom resources or seeking to enhance your own teaching skills, you'll discover a wealth of valuable insights and resources within our user-friendly tabs. Join us on our mission to promote reading skills for all learners across the province. Let's embark on this literacy journey together.

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Dive into the fundamentals of phonics, including the sounds of letters and letter combinations. Learn how these building blocks form words and sentences.


Reading is the enchanting gateway to countless worlds. Explore a wealth of resources thoughtfully crafted to scaffold emergent readers through the diverse stages of their reading journey. These materials are meticulously designed to cater to all developmental levels and are aligned with a systematic phonics program.

Thoughtfully designed resources that teach learners the technical aspects of letter and word formation while harnessing the power of the alphabetic code to express thoughts. These resources explicitly and systematically develop skills in both handwriting and writing.


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Unlock your potential as a teacher! Explore our teacher development resources designed to empower you with knowledge, skills, and strategies to enhance your teaching journey. Elevate your impact in the classroom and make a lasting difference. Start your development today!