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The Tsunami of Change

Dearest stalwart colleagues, critical partners, and aspiring teachers,

Welcome to this conversation, insight-sharing, reflections, and hopefully inspiring blogosphere.

It is often said that one of the things that hugely unavoidable is that the tsunami of change will sweep us in its wake. This could either be received whilst we are kicking and screaming or we are preparing our surfboards to better ride the waves, get our swimming lessons so we can enjoy the conditions and line up whatever support we may need. You may have a preference on the pace, depth and breadth at which you plunge into the waters to transform your teaching (and learning) – as this would differ from person to person.

Through this short note, I wish to urge you to take charge of your own journey towards integrating the tools of today, using your teaching insights and training of yesterday, to best infuse your teaching of tomorrow. These are exciting times as seen through the innovation of many of our teachers, especially in response to the periods when learners were unable to be in ,the physical classroom. Remote sessions, maintaining the physical presence of teachers within the lives of learners has carried the system – provided admirably by WCED teachers.

How then do we build on this momentum and ensure that we use this energy to embed irreversible change? Reflection and leadership are key, I think. By speaking up and sharing that which doesn’t work is equally (if not more) important towards growing our collective abilities and confidence. Failure, and even repeatedly getting things wrong has a number of core qualities that is actually being expressed: Willingness to start over; a mindset to learn from others; embracing resilience; an admission that this is important enough, and worthy of my efforts – to help the learners entrusted to me.

Seize the moments

What can I do to lead this change within my school? Seize the moments as they are presented to you by your District colleagues, in-school colleagues, partnerships with other agencies and then of course engaging and conversing with the world through whatever networks inspires, builds and activates YOU. While you may learn, you too could be teaching others. Seize the moments that call upon you to share; whether in-person or online, in forums, learning networks, subject conversations, real-life in-classroom experiences.

In the next posts, and through other campaigns, you will be invited to collaborate and share liberally, wherein you and your work can be acknowledged and enjoyed by others. You will be in a position to Inspire others to Aspire, in moving from the Theory into Practice, and finding the Hammer for that Nail.

I look forward to experiencing your words of inspiration, your successes, failures, and caution. Let’s touch base, pause to reflect, and continue to engage.

"The world as we have created it is a process of thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking."
- Albert Einstein

Director: WCED eLearning
Yours in Education
Clinton Walker