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For many schools, Snapplify's simple solutions have made the adoption of digital education easy. Snapplify is a 'one-stop shop', where e-textbooks from leading publishers, as well as quality devices, are readily available through the Snapplify Engage Platform.

Online digital libraries available at no cost

Snapplify is providing sets of digital reading resources to all ordinary public schools and learners with special educational needs (LSEN) schools within the Western Cape Education Department (WCED). Access to these resources is provided at no cost to the schools and do not subject the schools to any financial transaction or binding contractual agreement.

The proposal is in alignment with the intent of the WCED eLearning initiative, its reading programme and its mandate to promote the inclusivity of learners.

See the Snapplify | FREE School Library Catalogue for more information on the free titles.

What do schools get?

The offer provides the following opportunities to schools directly:

  • Relevant and appealing educational and leisure reading content in the eLibrary can be accessed 24/7 and reading is promoted.
  • All teachers and learners are provided with online and offline access to quality open education resources.
  • The utilisation of digital technology and infrastructure at schools by teachers and learners is enhanced and encouraged.
  • Further access to digital resources beyond the classroom is provided and all learners and teachers are allowed access anywhere and any time.
  • Functionalities for text-to-speech and large-print and dyslexia fonts facilitate inclusivity.
  • Titles in the digital libraries include past examination papers, open-licensed Mathematics and Science textbooks, children’s books in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa, the three official languages in Western Cape schools, classic fiction and non-fiction.
How to get started

Schools can register their school’s domain and users by accessing the Snapplify Engage Platform and have full control over their digital content through content blocking and recommendation tools. See the Snapplify | Registration Guide for assistance.

Read Off-Line

All content can be read in an off-line environment on Snapplify’s free reader application, which can be downloaded on any mobile device. The app is available for the following platforms: Microsoft, Windows, MAC OS, iOS, Android, Huawei and Chrome OS.


For further information on this initiative, please contact:


Elzette Brown

Stephen Bestbier


DCES: Content Manager (Dir: eLearning)

Snapplify Project Coordinator

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