Biography of Marieta Miller
Presenter for Life Skills

Marieta Miller

About Marieta Miller

Science and Mathematics always had a very important role to play in her life, as she grew up in a home where science and new inventions were part of her up bringing.

She always wanted to know more and understand how the things around us worked. There was no doubt that teaching was the career path for her.

With a rich educational background and extensive work experience, Marieta has made significant contributions to education.

She played a pivotal role in curriculum development and support, specializing in Early Childhood Development (0 – 5 years) and Foundation Phase.

Her achievements extend beyond the classroom. She has written a foundation phase science experiment book, numerous mathematics textbooks, developed training manuals, and coordinated various projects aimed at improving educational outcomes. Her work in curriculum development and teacher training has made a lasting impact on education.

Marieta worked also at the Nelson Mandela Institute, focusing on developing their mathematics program for grades R to 3. With her extensive experience and commitment to education, she continues to shape the future of young learners in South Africa.

Marieta Miller's Presentation

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Let's Explore Space

This presentation was used as part of the 2023 Foundation Phase Conference held from 3 - 4 October 2023.