Biography of Ashric Don
Presenter for Coding and Robotics

Ashric Don

About Ashric Don

I am an accomplished educator, former rugby player, and coach with a rich career spanni ng over 22 years. With a passion for e.teaching and coding and robotics. I have imparted knowledge at various educational levels, including university, secondary, primary schools.

Early Career and Rugby Experience

My joumey began in England, where I played rugby from 2WS to 2WIS. During this time, I also worked as project researcher, honing my analytical and problem-solving ski IIS.

Teaching and Mentoring

In 2015, I took on the role of an ICT and coding & robotics teacher at Matrix International School in Malaysia. My dedication to education led me to launch a coding and robotics club and a drone program at Klapmuts Primary in April 2019. As a mentor and trainer, I have been instrumental in shaping eLearning and coding & robotics content at the school, district, and provincia levels.

Strategic Leadership and Teacher Empowerment

As a Deputy Chief Education Specialist, I am responsible for strategic planning in the field of Coding & Robotics. I develop and Implement operational plans that align with national policies and procedures. I empower teachers through targeted professional development, offering training sessions, and creating comprehensive teaching materials to enhance their expertise in Coding Robotics

Leade rship an d Special projects

In 2021, my leadership journey took a significant leap when was entrusted with the role of eLeaming Project Manager at Metro East Education District, This position allowed me to utilize my' ski IIS to their fullest extent and paved the way for further opportunities. Following this, I was appointed as the Deputy Chief Education Specia list, where I coordinated Special Projects, further honing my leadership and strategic planning skills. Currently, I am serving as the Deputy Chief Education Specialist for Coding and Robotics in the Intermediate Phase under the Directorate GET, a role that al lows me to combi ne my' passion for education and technology. also served as the Project Manager of the Learn2code project, overseei 34 schools in the province, and was actively involved In the development of the draft coding and robotics curriculum.

Mission. Vision, and Life Purpose

Driven by the mission to transform learners into confident, innovative problem-solvers, I am committed to unlocking their full potential and igniting a passion for technology. My leadership philosophy is encapsulated in my slogan, Innovate, Implement, 1m prove." I envision a. world where poverty and inequality are overcome through equitable access to quality STEAM education, creating a brighter future for all leamers. My life purpose is to leverage my expertise as a teacher to inspire, motivate, and empower individuals, fostering their curiosity and innovation, and guiding them to reach their full potential

Personal Interests and Lifestyle

I'm very active and like to stay fit. My love for sports and phys-cal fitness not only shaped my rugby career but continues to be an integral part of my daily life.