Biography of Dr. Keikantsemang Jeniffer Mosepele
Presenter for Afrikaans Home Language

Dr. Keikantsemang Jeniffer Mosepele

About Dr. Keikantsemang Jeniffer Mosepele

Dr Keikantsemang Jeniffer Mosepele, (Deputy Chief Education Specialist (DCES): Institutional Development Services (IDS) Farm and Rural Education in the North West Provincial Department of Education. Her responsibilities include among others: support to farm and rural schools, registering and deregistering public schools, name changing, relocation, Schools Rationalisation Realignment Process. Monitoring and support to Agricultural schools. Ensures the implementation of the National Rural Education Framework (NREF). A secretariat for the Inter Provincial Rural Education Committee (IPREC)meetings.


She successfully coordinated a reading project on – schools as enabling spaces, the first of its kind piloted in the North West Province.

Dr. Keikantsemang Jeniffer Mosepele's Presentation

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Enabling Schools Project

This presentation was used as part of the 2023 Foundation Phase Conference held from 3 - 4 October 2023.