Biography of Dr. Samantha Fry
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Dr. Samantha Fry

About Dr. Samantha Fry

Dr Samantha Fry is a paediatrician actively involved in research at FAMCRU for the past 8 years. The FAMily Centre for Research with Ubuntu is a Stellenbosch University affiliated clinical trials unit with a focus on adult and paediatric infectious diseases, in particular HIV and TB. As a clinical trial lead, Samantha is involved in investigating novel HIV treatment and HIV CURE strategies including therapeutic vaccines and long-acting injectable antiretroviral therapy. Samantha has a keen interest in neurodevelopment, having particularly as it relates to HIV and the developing brain as well as neurocognitive changes associated with antiretroviral therapy (ART) interruption. Her recent work in the Healthy Babies study, assessed neurodevelopmental effects of in utero and post-natal maternal ART exposure.