Biography of Hanlie Schoeman
Presenter for Life Skills

Hanlie Schoeman

About Hanlie Schoeman

Johanna (Hanlie) Schoeman: Music has always had a big impact on her life. She believes that young children need to be exposed to music's diverse elements in order to develop an appreciation for it.

She began playing the piano when she was four years old, and started formal lessons when she was six. She also continued lessons in guitar and recorder. Thereafter, she began formal singing instruction commenced and she had the opportunity to perform in choirs and solos at Eisteddfods.

Providing learners with the chance to engage with music has been her aim ever since she started teaching.

Furthermore, she taught piano as an extra mural activity additionally piano accompaniment during festivals and choir performances.

Her range of skills includes singing solos in duets, junior and senior choirs, and percussion bands was imparted to learners. She has also conducted reviews in the foundation phase, as well as choreography. She participated in the Tygerberg City choir.