Biography of Ian Schroeder
Presenter for Coding and Robotics

Ian Schroeder

About Ian Schroeder

Ian Schroeder is currently the lecturer for the 2nd part of 1st year in the Extended Curriculum Program in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at UWC. He has been exploring Computational Thinking in a Science/Physics context and has taught Computational Modeling in Computational Physics courses at 3rd year and honors level and through Computational Science as part of the Physics Laboratory at 2nd year level.

Additionally, he has run Modelling workshops for 1st year mainstream and ECP students and most recently has introduced Grade 10 students to Computational Modelling that incorporates the utilization of sensors to make the abstract visible. Ian is also interested in meshing coding with smartphone sensors (a BYOD approach) to solve interesting problems in ways that develop students' Computational Thinking processes and perspectives in a VUCA and BANI world.

Ian Schroeder's Presentation

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A Perspective on Computational Thinking in the Foundation Phase through a 1st Year University Physics Prism

This presentation was used as part of the 2023 Foundation Phase Conference held from 3 - 4 October 2023.