Biography of Jennifer Daniels
Presenter for English Home Language

Jennifer Daniels

About Jennifer Daniels

1989 – 1990 - Started teaching career at Somerset Hospital School- Responsible for the start of the first school at the hospital. The work entailed assisting learners at the bedside, learners who were mobile were taught in the first established classroom at the hospital. School closed due to lack of funds.

1991- 2008 - Transferred to St Joseph’s Home Roman Catholic school for Chronically ill children. Taught at the school for 19 years.

Promoted to Department Head. The highlight of my teaching career – Taught learners with many physical and chronic illnesses. The challenge to embrace learners with HIV/AIDS was the greatest inspiration.

Started the Sensory Stimulation Project in the Bishop Lavis, Belhar and Elsies River area in creches and Grade R classes in the community. This community in collaboration with my peers at the school nominated me for the Teacher of the year award.

In May 2008 I won the award for MNED and MEED cluster for Inclusive education and Special Needs teaching. In June 2008 I won the Provincial category for the Western Cape. In October 2008 I represented the Western Cape at the National Teachers award and achieved 1st place in the Category: Inclusive Education and Specialised teaching.

In June 2008 I was seconded to Metro North District office as the Curriculum Advisor for the Atlantis, Mamre, Pella and Rural Durbanville area. It is in this community that I learned how important passion and having a love for teaching can impact learners. Their sense of community really inspired me. I worked there for 8 years. In In 2017 I was appointed the Deputy Chief Education Specialist for Foundation Phase at Metro North Education District.

My journey in education continues. Despite all my current achievements my greatest accomplishment in life is being a mother to my children Keenan and Charne Daniels and wife to my husband Melvin Daniels.

They are my greatest inspiration in life.