Biography of Lynn le Grange
Presenter for Grade R

Lynn le Grange

About Lynn le Grange

Lynn Le Grange achieved the following tertiary qualifications: Junior Diploma in Education III at Söhnge College of Education, Further Diploma in Education (Hearing Impairment, Speech and Learning Support) at the University of Stellenbosch, B.Ed. (Hons) Learner Support and a M. Ed in Mathematics Education at the University of the Western Cape (Topic: Number Concept Development in Grade R). She has 23 years of experience in various educational fields such as Management and Governance, Curriculum and Special Needs Education for the WCED and lecturing Grade R and Inclusive Education in the B.Ed. Foundation Phase Course at CPUT, Wellington Campus.

She received various opportunities to broaden her knowledge on teaching and development in education by studying and visiting countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium and Finland. She is currently employed as the Chief Education Specialist: Learner Support at the WCED, Eden Central Education District. Her position in the District Management and Leadership Team is to ensure that inclusive and specialized education is rendered to Public Ordinary and Public Special Schools and Learners throughout the district. Her motto is to celebrate our differences and similarities to ensure quality education for ALL learners.