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Professor EJ Pretorius

About Professor EJ Pretorius

Elizabeth (Lilli) Pretorius is Professor Emerita and Research Fellow in the Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages, Unisa. Over the years her teaching fields included phonology, text linguistics, vocabulary development, psycholinguistics (first language acquisition) and additional/second language teaching and learning at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Her main area of research is reading literacy, especially in English L2 and in African languages.

For the past 20 years she been involved in projects that explore ways of improving literacy development in high poverty contexts, designing and piloting literacy tests to track reading development, examining factors that impact on reading comprehension, improving teacher training on reading instruction, and helping schools develop school libraries. She has published over 50 research articles, several chapters in books, and has co-authored a book with Sarah Murray on Teaching Reading Comprehension (2019, Oxford University Press), and more recently she has co-edited a book with Nic Spaull on Early Grade Reading in South Africa (Oxford University Press). She served on the PIRLS Steering Committee in South Africa for several years and is also a member of the SA Human Rights Special Commission on the right to read and write.

Professor EJ Pretorius's Presentation

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Reading Comprehension Challenges - Making the invisible more visible

This presentation was used as part of the 2023 Foundation Phase Conference held from 3 - 4 October 2023.