Biography of Tahirih Edna Maart
Presenter for Grade R

Tahirih Edna Maart

About Tahirih Edna Maart

Currently a grade 3 educator at Diazville Primary school in Saldanha in the Westcoast.

I have taught grade R for more than 10 years and was also a lead teacher for our district.

This is my 3rd year as a foundation phase educator, and next year I'm going to teach in grade 0ne.I love to try new things and to have fun while learning. If there's one thing I've discovered as an educator it is that we learn more when we set high expectations and have fun.

I have completed my Train the Trainer course in 2014 at CTLI (NCF - children birth to four) where I trained teachers at the Science Centre in Vredenburg.

In 2014 I started studying at North West University where I completed my diploma in Education in Foundation Phase.

Last year I completed my undergraduate degree at NWU in Education.

Since then, I continue to take courses to keep my skills up to date. I am a lifelong learner and will continue to seek new knowledge and skills.