Biography of Tonia van Wyk
Presenter for Life Skills

Tonia van Wyk

About Tonia van Wyk

Tonia comes from a long line of passionate family members in the teaching profession. The very same people set the example of teaching from the heart and with excellence.

As a subject advisor, she has come to realise that passion and purpose opens the doors to successful teaching and learning. He philosophy is that the person you are, that is, the person you were born to be, enables one to be true to one’s profession and allows you to do justice to the responsibility and accountability of this calling.

She started off teaching at Steenberg High in 1997. She started her teaching career teaching at Steenberg High in 1997 I have been in the teaching profession for more than 26 years teaching all grades in all phases. I was fortunate to have been involved with the big WCED Life Skills Conference in 2018 as well as being part of the resource development team for Life Skills. I was also responsible for developing (PSW) Life Skills lesson plans during the pandemic for the province. Facilitating and presenting at CTLI was also a big step towards capacitating teachers in teaching Life Skills. All the above along with influential people in my life, professionally and personally, has made me the subject advisor I am today.

Tonia van Wyk's Presentation

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Leader of the Pack (Phenomenal Me)

This presentation was used as part of the 2023 Foundation Phase Conference held from 3 - 4 October 2023.